100% pure liquid NON dulling, NON toxic,NON acidic NON abrasive. ACRYLIC PAINT CONDITIONING TARGET SPECIFIC SYSTEM

Directions:  VaporWax is a concentrate: Shake cylinder / atomizer to activate before each use. Always apply VaporWax sparingly to a CLEAN DRY surface. For optimum result, Do not
apply to a wet, dirty or waxed surface. All forms of wax is a contaminate and must be removed before applying VaporWax APC. Hot Water & Dishwashing liquid is our recommended wax
stripper prior to conditioning. This step may have to be repeated depending on the thickness of the wax being removed.
No wax based products can be used on a VaporWaxed surface. VaporWax is not a Wax and does not apply like wax or react like wax to a variety of conditions. Do not apply waxing
techniques such as buffing to a VaporWaxed surface

After conditioning the paint with VaporWax Soap should only be used in extreme cases, afterwards the paint should be immediately reconditioned. It is very important that the surface is
free of wax. VaporWax Acrylic Paint Conditioner MUST COME IN CONTACT WITH THE PAINT, metal or chrome to be effective. During application VaporWax is dispersed in a atomized
DO NOT SATURATE THE SURFACE WITH VaporWax.  It is unnecessary and wasteful.  A LITTLE VaporWax GOES A LONG WAY. VaporWax is a  highly concentrated formula. One mist
per section of the vehicle. Add more only if needed

"Self leveling" means VaporWax does not need to be buffed out to get a shine. VaporWax shines instantly.
VaporWax APC 360ID is a highly concentrated once a month conditioning treatment, that is wiped into the vehicles painted surface.

Originally designed for application on Black Cars Vaporwax is effective on all colors.

Both newer & older cars benefit from conditioning the paint with VaporWax.APC

VaporWax instantly produces a long lasting uniquely RADIANT shine. VaporWax will not cover or dull the factory finish.  Continued use of VaporWax on your vehicle will eliminate the
need to use soap, wax or polish your car, No soap, polish or clay bar needed between applications. VaporWax will restore color to lightly oxidized paint on older vehicles. For extremely
oxidized paint we recommend ALR*C.
VaporWax has acrylic safe powerful built in cleaning agents and is 100%, pure liquid, non abrasive & waterproof.

VaporWax is not adversely effected by tree sap, bird droppings, VaporWax allows these things to wash off easily with clear water. .Hot and cold weather extremes do not present a
problem. VaporWax applies and performs equally in all seasons..
VaporWax will react with paint at the microscopic level penetrating on contact producing instant long lasting results.
VaporWax will, visually reduce, minimize or diminish swirl marks and minor scratches creating a smooth and even shine ,
VaporWax is not a sealer or filler and will not repair damaged surfaces nor fill deep scratches. VaporWax will not smudge or smear like wax. Nor will it highlight finger prints. VaporWax
does not require removal.
Your paint will maintain a unique and radiant, glasslike shine long after the conditioning effects of VaporWax has worn off.
VaporWax 360ID is a Target Specific System designed to react with acrylic oxidation and paint.

VaporWax APC 360ID for Diecast Cars:
This is the Original formula used for full size vehicles, instructions below are applicable for the specified usage
For small objects such as collector cars of 1:18 scale and below. Apply two drops of VaporWax to damp cloth and squeeze it through before applying to Collector Cars.
VaporWax is highly concentrated and is not recommended to be used full strength on small objects, always follow instructions for optimum results.

Superior to all forms of wax in the preservation of the Original factory finish
VaporWax APC 360ID 4oz
VaporWax APC 360ID 2 Oz
Pittman Original  VaporWax APC 360 Infinite Design ACRYLIC PAINT CONDITIONER Target Specific System
Don't wax it, Vaporize it